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Shane Mielke

LAUNCH IT - Paperback

LAUNCH IT - Paperback

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300+ things I’ve learned as a Designer, Developer, and Creative Director. A handbook for digital creatives.

For over 20 years I have talked with fellow designers, developers, and digital creatives who were asking for advice on how to launch their design careers. As a Creative Director, I love mentoring people on topics like work ethic, finding inspiration, creative process, skill acquisition, how to get a job, handling clients, agency life, freelance, self-promotion, and work-life balance. I scoured through years of old emails, interviews, presentations, and conversations for any advice that I had given others. Some of those findings are loosely organized into this book. My hope is that something within these pages helps motivate, direct, focus, or prepare you in some way to launch your design career and set you on a pathway towards achieving your dreams. It's your life & career. Launch It.

  • Printed & fulfilled by Amazon.
  • 6" x 9" matte softcover trade book.
  • B&W interior pages with a matte finish.

    * All sales go to support my daughters' college funds (a very important cause)

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