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  • Eric Jordan - Designer
    “Launch It” distills down the most critical aspects of creative problem-solving into pure gems of insight that should be part of everyone’s mental tool-kit. It takes years of in-the-trenches experience and polishes them down into sharp blades of practical wisdom.

  • Tristen Mielke - Student (age 12)
    My Dad is always telling me what to do with my life. If you want him to do the same for you, then buy his book. Because it's all stuff he worked hard to learn and it's totally worth it.

  • Kris Puckett - Designer
    "Launch It” is a burst of wisdom, encouragement, invitation, and challenge. I needed this book as I continue my new career as a designer.  I highly recommend this book to anyone who creates, designs, develops, or works on their own.

  • Milan Vuckovic - Designer
    I loved every single page of it! Shane's knowledge is really practical and helpful, especially for those who are just starting. The book is a treasure chest of knowledge, inspiration and experience.

  • Andy Armstrong, Interactive Designer
    Shane has given me invaluable advice from design, to finance & fitness. He is extremely well rounded and genuinely cares. I highly recommend this cache of insights from Coach Mielke.

  • Jane Mielke - Author's Mom
    My son Shane wrote a book! I'm so proud of him.

About Shane

Shane Mielke is a Creative Director, UI/UX Designer, Front-End Developer, Animator, Photographer, Author, Coach, and Cyberdyne Systems T-800 Model 101 living in Southern California, USA. For 10 years he was the Creative Director at 2Advanced Studios. For the last 15 years, he has been a Freelance design and development asset for agencies around the world working directly with clients like Blizzard Entertainment, Disney, and SpaceX. Shane has designed, developed or animated 40+ FWA Award-winning sites, 3 Awwwards, and 3 Adobe Cutting Edge Awards. His work has been featured in over 60 magazines including Advanced Photoshop, Web Designer, .Net, and Computer Arts Projects. In 2014 Shane was honored by .Net Magazine as one of the top 50 Designers in the world. In 2017 he published the book LAUNCH IT: 300+ things I’ve learned as a Designer, Developer and Creative Director. In 2019 he was a part of the NASA/SpaceX team that won an Emmy Award for Best Interactive Broadcast. In 2021 he published his second book The Designer's Journey. He has most recently worked with SpaceX as a Principal UI/UX Designer, where he helped to design and develop the Crew Dragon vehicle interfaces used by NASA astronauts to fly into space. Those interfaces have now flown 38 humans to space.